Costa Rica has the largest percentage of protected areas in the world. It is also known as a pacific and peaceful country.


The Manuel Antonio area stretches from the town of Quepos and then along an approximately 8 km road up a mountain and back down, finishing at the entrance of the Manuel Antonio National Park and the beautiful playa espadilla. The road to the beach and park is surrounded on either side by a large number of restaurants, art galleries and souvenirs shops.

30 minute drive

Manuel Antonio


Quepos is the small town on your way to Manuel Antonio National Park. It has an inspiring local flavour. You will find everything you need: supermarket, local cuisine restaurants, tour organisers, etc.

The most upscale restaurant in town surely is the El Gran Escape. Serving mainly seafood, it is located at the marina and has a large veranda with ocean view.

20 minute drive



Londres is a small village in the Aguirre region close to the Villa, not far from the Manuel Antonio National Park.

About 1 mile from the villa, La Casonas is a local bar & restaurant worth a visit.

A small grocery store sells ingredients to cook a basic mealabout 1 mile from the villa.

10 minutes drive



For more information about Costa Rica, please the Official Tourism Web site. 

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica